Domain Names

Domain Names are your digital intellectual property.

They can be confusing, and many scams will try to steal them from you, often by tricking you into transferring them to the scammers.

Our blog aims to keep you updated on the latest news and articles of interest that will help you understand, find and register ideal names and keep them under your ownership and control.

Don’t risk losing your name or brand identity to amateurs, disgruntled designers or scammers.

If you need any help buying domains, please get in touch to book a discovery session where we can assist you in choosing a great name.

Your names can be up to 64 Characters in length, so there is plenty of room to find a great name, but you shouldn’t waste it on off-topic words or using your company name.

The most common poor choice is to register your company name and use this as your primary marketing domain. This is where so many folks go wrong. Read our blog posts for guidance and advice on methods for choosing great names.