Contacting your Web Hosting Company.

Contacting your Web Hosting Company should be easy and painless. Get in touch using any of the methods below, Working with us is personal!

IT Helpdesk support

Don’t forget that as your Web Hosting Company, we provide your entire IT Helpdesk for free. Because IT department support is included with all annual website hosting plans.

If you would like to schedule some tuition or IT help then please do let us know. Or, book a call-out for one of us to come to you for some on-site tech support or IT repairs. Because we enjoy to hearing from you.

No other web hosting company provides you with an IT Helpdesk of your own. Because no other website host will support you like we do! WESH UK are the smartest choice.

Telephone support.

Contacting your web hosting company by telephone:

0800 5 999 404

8am to Midnight any day.

Ideal for info requests or “how do I” queries. If you need to show us error messages or something will take time to investigate then a support ticket is better.

Client Billing and Tech Support

If you need tech help related to an existing domain name  or hosting plan then we will ask you to open a secure support ticket from within your client area. Because we need to have your account details to hand and some time to investigate the problem.

Also, this ensures that we are dealing with the right person and can lookup all of your details from your account straight away. Simply login and click on “Open New Ticket” from your client welcome page.

Client Login

Email Address:

Your Password:

Pre-sales enquiries:

If you’d like a quote for web hosting, please provide us with as much info as possible on website size, monthly traffic and what the website does or will do.

Ideally, if you provide us with your login details to your existing web hosting company, we can take a look for ourselves and let you know how much you will save by transferring your web hosting to us.

Because we don’t oversell nor do we sell features, you can use 100% of everything you pay for.

Network Abuse:

If you are reporting network abuse, please provide full details of the source and accurate contact info. Because we will need to investigate the matter and need proof of whats happening first.

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We also use WhatsApp for enquiries and support.

If you would like to contact us via WhatsApp about your existing account then we will ask you use the same phone number that you have stored within your client area account.

This is because we need to be able to verify you really are who you say you are. If however you are a new customer and have a query then point your phone at the QR code and ask away!

Contacting your Web Hosting Company

Some frequently asked questions from customers.

Can I book a Client Area and cPanel tour?

Yes, absolutely. Simply login to your client area and raise a support ticket requesting a “Client Area & cPanel Tour”.

We will work with you to arrange a suitable day/time to show you around. Because you will also need Teamviewer installed too.

Can I transfer my hosting to WESH UK?

Yes, absolutely.

If you send us your existing web hosting account login details (Not your WordPress login) then we can take a look. Because we need to see your current usage to tell you how much you can save by hosting it with us.

Can you guys service my computer/laptop?

Yes indeed. As your complete IT department, we provide computer/laptop servicing (1 per year) at no cost. Because if you are not working, neither are we.

If you are not local to Croydon then we can do a remote software service.

I forgot my client area login. What do I do?

Try the password reset. If you dont have access to that email address anymore, or cannot answer your own security question then call us from the telephone number in your account.

We will need to ask you some actual security questions to ensure it really is you, but we will help you get back into your client area.

Connecting with us via Social Media.

We have accounts @ Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, twitter and YouTube, but we ask that customers do not use social media for tech support. Because of the info that needs to be given.

We do not regularly check social networking websites for comments. Because all queries come directly to us here on our website or via telephone. Please treat the social networking websites for what they are, a bit of social enjoyment.

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