Your new web hosting has…

  • Smooth and painless transfers.
  • Stress-free hand-holding services.
  • 100% done-for-you migrations.
  • Fast, undersold servers.
  • Zero barriers tech support.

  • 100% Green Hosting Provider

    Hydro and Wind energy power our entire data centre.

  • All servers and staff in the UK

    No fake UK addresses or reseller accounts abroad.

Your new web hosting has…

  • Smooth and painless transfers.
  • Stress free hand holding service.
  • 100% done for you migrations.
  • Fast, undersold servers.
  • Zero barriers tech support.

  • 100% Green Hosting Provider

    Hydro and Wind energy power our entire data centre. Renewables power our offices.

  • UK Servers and staff

    No fake or virtual UK addresses or reseller accounts abroad.

What type of Web Hosting do I need?

Ordering web hosting can be a headache, and this is the most common question we get asked!

There are only 4 different types of web hosting you might ever need. So, we have explained each type in order of need.

Rest assured that all of our Web Hosting and staff are in the UK. We do not outsource support nor use call centres.

We’re also the only known web hosting company to provide your entire IT department for free.

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Choosing your UK Web Hosting

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Shared Web Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared Web Hosting is the best option for single websites where you are the website owner.

From: £3/month
Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Hosting

Ideal for web designers with multiple client websites or if you have many websites of your own.

From: £20/month
Cloud Web Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Perfect for web development where server control is more important than performance.

From: £99/month
Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Servers

For those needing an entire servers resources and their own custom server configuration.

From: £200/month

Shared cPanel Web Hosting

Our Shared UK Web Hosting comes in 2 varieties, Premium cPanel Web Hosting and Budget Web hosting

Our Premium cPanel Web Hosting is perfect when performance, Search Rankings and server compatibility matter. Our cPanel servers are all PCI compliant. Sharing is limited, and server resources are high.

Shared Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting is ideal if you have many websites and want to create and manage your own web hosting plans.

Our 100% Green Reseller Web Hosting uses cPanel/WHM software and is based at Pulsant Datacentre in Reading.

UK Reseller Hosting

Cloud Server Hosting (Virtual Private Servers)

This is perfect if you want a customised server setup without the expense of dedicated server hosting.

A Cloud-based VPS (Virtual Private Server) is not an upgrade from shared hosting or reseller hosting. Because it’s still sharing physical servers but is a step away from a dedicated server. It acts like a dedicated server but is scalable.

UK Cloud Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

A UK Managed Dedicated Server is the top of the line for hosting your website(s).

Configured however you like with the horsepower to deliver anything you create. Your only limitation is your investment. We have 3 sizes of servers available (Small/Medium/Large) but custom server specifications are available.

UK Dedicated Servers

The Benefits of UK Web Hosting at WESH UK

Latest software and Regular server updates

Our servers are well known amoung our customers for constantly running the latest software and never flagging behind industry standards. We constantly run the latest server setups and keep them updated daily.

Absolutely NO overselling or crowding

Fed up trying to get decent GTMetrix scores or having your server blacklisted? We eliminate the risks of server blacklisting and server abuse by not overselling hosting.

Competitive pricing with no false promises

Our UK Web Hosting costs are the same as many big web hosting firms found elsewhere, but without the false promises of “unlimited” or thousands of GB’s of data and all the ways you can never use it.

PCI Compliant shared hosting servers

Don’t pay for a Dedicated server; save a fortune by using our PCI-compliant shared servers, as we are the ONLY known UK Web Host who will NOT try to force you onto a dedicated server for PCI compliance.

SEO Performance of UK Web Hosting

Improve your SEO dramatically with our UK Web Hosting servers!

WESH UK makes UK web hosting simple with one shared UK web hosting plan at one price. You multiply it as needed. Therefore, keeping your hosting simple results in less confusion and easier-to-understand billing.

You only pay for what you need and use rather than buying huge web hosting plans that you can never use for more money.

At WESH UK, we provide free remote desktop support for any I.T problems you have, not just related to our UK web hosting or domain names, so you could, for example, ask us to show you how to install and use the best antivirus software, get rid of a virus, install office, speed up your PC, install a new web browser, secure your network router etc, the list goes on, but the only thing we will not provide is support for other web hosting companies services.

We’re positive that you want to save time and money and do not want to move your website around anymore, so come and park your website with us on our 100% Green energy UK servers in Reading South and spend more time running your website or business instead of running your hosting down.

Frequently Asked Web Hosting Questions

Am I entering a contract?

No, you are free to cancel your shared web hosting renewal at any time prior to its renewal. We would however like to know in advance, as far as possible, as maybe there is something we could help you with, such as features or software that you might need, and didn’t realise we could install in a few minutes for you.

Apache directory setting AllowOverride All?

Yes, this is set to “All” on our shared servers.

Can I host an ecommerce website?

Yes. You can host whatever you like. You pay for the space and traffic but can host anything you want, so long as it’s legal. We don’t sell hosting based on different usages.

Is it easy to switch to a reseller plan later?

Yes, very. The shift from a shared hosting plan to a reseller hosting plan is seamless. Just raise a support ticket to let us know how many reseller slices you would like and we will migrate your shared hosting plan(s) for you to our reseller servers and change your billing for you.