UK Web Hosting to make life easier

No other hosting company provides your entire IT department for free!

1 Simple UK Web Hosting plan. Multiply as needed.

  • UK Web Hosting & WordPress Web Hosting5 Secure POP or IMAP UK Based Mailboxes
  • 5 Super fast MySQL Databases.
  • Host 5 websites inside every slice.
  • 2.5GB of monthly premium UK network traffic.
  • 256MB of PCI Compliant & Secure UK server space.
  • Full account backups every 12 hours with 5 days rotation.

A UK Web hosting plan you can multiply to a maximum of 40 slices of shared hosting, resulting in a maximum of 10GB of space and 100GB of premium monthly bandwidth on a shared server. It really is this simple.

The amount of features we provide combined with our zero overselling or “unlimited resources”, means you will NOT be paying for other peoples space or bandwidth usage. Furthermore, you will NOT get complaints the minute you start using 2%CPU+ either. Be cautious when comparing any “unlimited resources” web hosting.

Over 450+ applications for you to install in just a few clicks!UK Web Hosting with Softaculous script installer - Affordable UK Web Hosting

  • All applications install in just a few clicks.
  • Use softaculous to also keep them updated.
  • Demo the applications before even having to install them.
  • Create your own podcasts, online stores or news sites fast.
  • Not sure what you are doing? We can show you via shared desktop.
  • More applications are regularly being added to softaculous very regularly.

Softaculus is a fantastic application that enables you to install any app you can think of and try it out, easily and quickly.

If you dont like an app, you can simply remove it with a few clicks and its gone. With UK Web Hosting services being at a premium, you really want to maximise your time, and get your website online, fast, so having access to so many apps to test, so quickly will really save you time, and money.

Apps for mobile devices to access your control panels.

UK Web Hosting - Affordable UK Web Hosting

  • Monitor your websites whilst on the go.
  • Access your cPanel with the iPhone app.
  • Multiple different cPanel apps available via iTunes.
  • Use your iPad to manage your cPanel and your website.

There are some fantastic apps you can use on your phone or tablet to check on your websites popularity, market, SEO and even manage your cPanel, and now with the very latest versions of cPanel, it is now mobile device friendly, so doesnt require a special app anymore.

Awesome email facilities with extreme simplicity.

UK Web Hosting - Affordable UK Web Hosting

  • Unlimited alia’s for your email.
  • Unlimited filtering to block out incoming spam.
  • Unlimited email forwarding to distribute incoming emails.
  • POP3/SMTP and IMAP access to every mailbox and web mail.
  • Anti virus and anti spam protection for every mailbox created.
  • All mailboxes are blackberry / andriod / iPhone / iPad ready.
  • Comprehensive tutorials on how to setup your email and devices.

Our email facilities are extremely fast, 100% reliable and therefore provide you with peice of mind that even if you need us to help you configure your mail client, you can count on us to keep your messages flowing.

Just a handful of the features of our UK Web Hosting

  • Scheduled tasks (Cron jobs).
  • All servers allow mod_rewrite.
  • Full IP Address blocking facility.
  • Website backup & restore facility.
  • Webalizer, AWStats and Logaholic.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Very strict fraud screening.
  • UK Web Hosting - Affordable UK Web HostingFull error logs, access & agent logs.
  • Your own custom error pages.
  • Seemless account upgrades!
  • Create unlimited
  • FTP for users directories.
  • Instant one-click full backups.
  • Web-based FTP & file manager.

PCI compliant UK Web Hosting saving you money!

UK Web Hosting with Serious Security

  • All hosting packages are ecommerce ready.
  • Top rated shopping carts available for instant setup.
  • PCI Compliant servers – No need for a dedicated server!
  • Dedicated IP addresses available for SSL
  • 2048 bit SSL Key – CSR – CRT creator for SSL certificates.
  • Free SSL certificate installs, and renewal re-installs.

A lot of customers have come to WESH UK to host their ecommerce websites after having their existing hosting company try to force them onto a dedicated server, resulting in much higher costs for the customer to provide a PCI compliant hosting environment. We however, provide PCI compliant shared servers right from the start, so you dont need to worry about being sold a UK dedicated server unless you actually need one.

Your own personal complete I.T department level support.

UK Web Hosting with Serious Support - Affordable UK Web Hosting

  • Any I.T problem covered.
  • Problems with viruses or malware sorted.
  • 1 Hour of free I.T department per year, per slice.
  • Free guided tour of your cPanel to get you started.
  • Out of hours contacts for Emergencies or website failiures.
  • 8am to Midnight, 7 days a week by telephone, tickets and skype.

Your free guided tour of your cPanel and client area is done either using Skype shared desktop, teamviewer meeting or Avast Antivirus remote support (The preferred method) so that we can show you around and talk you through what everything does, where to find things, and what they all do, along with some best practice guidance on using various things.

The Benefits of UK Web Hosting at WESH UK

Absolutely NO overselling or crowding

Fed up trying to get decent GTMetrix scores or having your server blacklisted? We eliminate the risks of server blacklisting and server abuse by not overselling hosting.

Latest software and Regular server updates

Our servers are well known amoung our customers for constantly running the latest software and never flagging behind industry standards. We constantly run the latest server setups and keep them updated daily.

Competitive pricing with no false promises

Our UK Web Hosting costs are the same as many big web hosting firms found elsewhere, but without the false promises of “unlimited” or thousands of GB’s of data and all the ways you can never use it.

PCI Compliant shared hosting servers

Don’t pay for a Dedicated server, Save a fortune by using our PCI compliant shared servers as we are the ONLY known UK Web Host who will NOT try to force you onto a dedicated server for PCI compliance.

SEO Performance of UK Web Hosting

Improve your SEO dramatically with our UK Web Hosting servers!

WESH UK make UK web hosting simple, by having 1 shared UK web hosting plan with 1 price that you simply multiply it as as needed, therefore we keep things simple, resulting in less confusion and easier to understand billing.

You only pay for what you need and use rather than buying huge web hosting plans that you can never use for more money.

At WESH UK, we provide free remote desktop support for any I.T problems you have, not just related to our UK web hosting or domain names, so you could for example, ask us to show you how to install and use the best antivirus software, get rid of a virus, install office, speed up your PC, install a new web browser, secure your network router etc, the list goes on, but the only thing we will not provide is support for other web hosting companies services.

We’re positive that you want to save time and money and really dont want to move your website around anymore, so come and park your website with us on our UK Web Hosting servers in London (Hemel Hempstead) and spend more time running your website or business instead of running your hosting down.

Frequently Asked Web Hosting Questions

Am I entering a contract?

No, you are free to cancel your shared web hosting renewal at any time prior to its renewal. We would however like to know in advance, as far as possible, as maybe there is something we could help you with, such as features or software that you might need, and didn’t realise we could install in a few minutes for you.

Apache directory setting AllowOverride All?

Yes, this is set to “All” on our shared servers.

Zencart 1.5 and server config?

This version of zencart is absolutely fine, and our servers meet ALL of its requirements listed on their website for all versions of Zen Cart.