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Shared UK Web Hosting

Premium shared cPanel Web Hosting specialists
£3.00 per Month (From)

Our premium, undersold, lightening fast UK web hosting can provide for any eventuality.

100% Green hydro powered cPanel servers.

UK Reseller Web Hosting

Premium cPanel Reseller Web Hosting
£20.00 per Month (From)

Our reseller web hosting is the safest reseller web hosting solution for you and your clients.

We also provide reseller training for you too.

UK Dedicated Server Hosting

Completely Managed Dedicated Server Hosting
£199.00 per Month (From)

Our dedicated servers are 100% fully managed for you. Basic to Enterprise grade or more..

Every possible server setup you could need.

What do our customers say about us

100% Green UK Company

Our servers & staff are all UK based and all use green energy. Nothing off-shore.


Zero overselling means no slow pages and no blacklisted IP addresses.

Software & Standards

PHP v8+ with MySQL 5.7+. and FREE SSL security for you as standard.

real people

Your calls are answered by real tech people, no bots or call centres.

Welcome to WESH UK Web Hosting

Richard Wraith - CEO of WESH UK

I started WESH UK to give people a better choice. Something that was never available. A way to avoid oversold hosting, expensive domain renewals and off-shore tech support and have an entire IT department at their fingertips.

Richard Wraith

Domain Names

All the domain names you could ever want, from an accredited registrar without the subsidising from expensive hosting and price hikes for renewals.

UK Web Hosting

We want people to have a choice. We offer both cPanel web hosting and budget web hosting. All use the latest PHP/MySQL and have free SSL security.

Branding & Websites

Most people who build their own website later realise that they need something more, something better. So we offer affordable branding and website design too.

Marketing & SEO

Marketing and search engine optimisation should not give you anxiety. We can make your SEO and Social Media Marketing affordable and simple.

A personal UK web hosting company

A personal service with your very own IT department!

Why use a Genuine Web Hosting Company in London?

Some reasons to use a genuine web hosting company, and one that is based in London and has their staff and equipment in London.

100% UK Company

All of our staff and servers are UK based.

No off-shore call centres and no reseller accounts abroad.

WordPress Hosting

Fast content management systems!

All content management systems can truly benefit from Enterprise-grade servers.

cPanel – PHP8 – MySQL v5.7

FREE SSL with all of our web hosting.

We also provide the latest cPanel software with PHP v8+ with MySQL 5.7+.

PCI Compliant web hosting

Our servers are all PCI-DSS Compliant.

Save hundreds on your web hosting by using our PCI compliant web hosting.

Enterprise Hardware

Is reliability more important than price?

Our servers are Dell Enterprise Servers, 24+ core, RAID 10 & never exceed 25% capacity.

ZERO Overselling

We refuse to oversell resources.

No slow websites, no servers crashing and no servers loaded beyond 25% of capacity!

100% UK Company

Unlike many “here today, gone tomorrow” 1 man bands who outsource everything off-shore then vanish, we’re based in the South East and outsource nothing abroad.

Better Search Rankings

Hosting your website on your client’s doorsteps means faster load times. Faster load times mean better search rankings. This results in more traffic. It’s incredibly simple!

Good IP Address Reputations

A bad server reputation can affect your domain health and mean that emails associated with it are less likely to get delivered. We keep our IP addresses clean!

Luxury Full Service Agency

We collaborate and partner with our own customers to provide you with a luxury full-service agency. You won’t find 1 person doing everything poorly. No cowboys here.

Start your journey today

Your domain name and website working in 15 minutes!

Web Hosting Company
PCI Compliance & Free SSL

PCI Compliant and secure UK web hosting with PCI-DSS compliant servers & free SSL.

Web Hosting Company in the UK
UK Web Hosting Company

A genuine web hosting company with more than 200+ 5* reviews & constant recommendations.

Small Business Web Hosting
Refugee discounts

Fed up with template sites and no support? Want your website & email together? Check our offers.

Small Business IT Support
Small Business I.T Support

The only Web Hosting Company to provide an IT department for free with all Web Hosting.

What makes us your ideal web hosting company?

Starting an online empire should be easy. Because self-service can only do so much! You’ll need help with things here and there.

Furthermore, imagine if that help was just a phone call away, any day of the week, for any query at all.

How much time, stress and money would you save solving every problem you ever had, all in 1 place, at not extra cost?

This is what makes us your “no brainer” choice for your online empire. Using a premium UK Web Hosting company means you can get all the help you might ever need, for anything.


You want your web hosting to be easy to understand, simple to use, reliable and dependable. Our premium shared hosting is incredibly simple; with only 1 web hosting plan that we call a “slice of hosting” you can purchase as many “slices” as needed. Because you only pay for what you use, our servers are never oversold.

Your empire can grow simply by upgrading the number of web hosting “slices” you have. This means you only ever 1 hosting plan with 1 cost to remember. The only simple web hosting solution to choosing any shared hosting plan!

We provide unrivalled support for your cPanel hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, or dedicated servers.