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Buying Domain Names doesn’t need to be complicated. Because buying the right domain names requires some help, this is where we come in. WESH UK is an accredited Nominet Partner for the United Kingdom, giving you peace of mind when buying domain names. Registering a website name you can be proud of is easy. When registering a domain name try to include a search term people will use to search for your site.

Our domain names are not subsidised by high renewal costs. We charge the same price, every year. Because we have no shareholders or investors, we can charge a lower flat rate.

Once you have purchased your name, you can add some web hosting and use one of our included web builders to put your website together really fast.

The Benefits of registering with WESH UK

Accredited & Trusted UK registrar

Only 10% of Nominet Registrars are accredited. We’re accredited, verified and checked by Nominet regularly and have real addresses and infrastructure in place.

Cheaper than most big name hosting company's

Our prices are typically lower than any other major domain registrar or web hosting company both in the UK and abroad. Guaranteed to save you money!

2 Seperate options for Live DNS management

IPv6 Ready and 2 separate places for you to have complete, instant DNS management. Manage all of your domains right on our website or within your cPanel.
If you’re not sure how to choose the perfect domain names and you need some help, book a 1-2-1 Domain Consultation right here.

UK Only Staff just a phone call away

Our staff are all 100% UK based, born and bred who speak your language. We’re always happy to hear from you and talk about your options 7 days a week.

Free Domain Transfers for life in and out

NO transfer fees at all to bring any UK domains in or out of WESH UK, EVER! Transfer for free, for life. Something to check carefully with other UK registrars.

Advice on Buying Domain Names

Nominet Accredited Registrar.

Your name is your brand, your online identity and your email, so getting it right is critical.. It is important to choose a domain name that not only represents your company but is also easy to remember. If you are registering a domain name, we can offer advice, help and guidance on choosing a suitable name.

Feel free to give us a call for a chat about your registration choices.

Of the 3000 UK domain name registration providers, only 10% are accredited.

Is your current domain provider accredited, have their own TAG & follow a strict set of Nominet guidelines?

Accredited Domain Registrars (Globally) 10%

Consider these points to avoid creating confusion

  1. Can others spell your domain name easily?
  2. Is your domain name long enough to make visitors give up?
  3. Does your domain name contain numbers that could be mistaken for words?
  4. Do you have 1 or more hyphens in your domain name making it awkward to learn?
  5. Is a non-hyphenated version of your domain name already in use with another company?

You need to consider several things prior to starting the domain name registration process, to avoid losing valuable website traffic.

What could happen if website visitors incorrectly type in your domain name, or if your domain name is trademarked you may leave yourself open to legal action if your not careful.

Consider what extension is suitable before buying a domain name.

You should first consider which extension is going to be a suitable extension, depending on what it represents.

Extensions are relevant to brands, an audience, business or personal ventures.

They can also represent geographical areas so you should adapt them for the purpose of the website.

For example, .org domains are typically used by charities and not-for-profits.

UK Businesses would typically choose a or a .UK domain name.

Switching your DNS records without downtime.

Our clustered DNS name servers will also be provided in your “Hosting Account Details” email. Once your name transfer has begun, it will have absolutely no impact or affect on your web site at all, and cause no downtime what-so-ever.

This does however require that the people taking care of your name know HOW to make this slick changeover. If you would like to switch to a fantastic UK Web Hosting company and want us to take care of the transfer, then please do call and ask.

We never charge for domain name transfers away from us ever. All TLD domains (.com/.net/.biz etc) do incur a 1 year renewal being added to your registration upon transfer.

Help and assistance with transferring any UK domain to WESH UK

We can help you with every step of transferring any name to us, or do it for you, no matter where it’s registered.

UK Domain transfers.

To transfer any UK name to WESH UK, order a domain name transfer, then change the TAG of that domain to “WESHUK”.

Once the TAG of the .UK name has been changed the transfer will finalise instantly.

Top Level (International) )Domain name transfers.

Any .com/.net/.biz domains transfer for free and automatically renew for 1yrs upon transfer.

Transferring a top-level domain name to us is done in 5 steps:

  1. Ensure your current email registered against your domain name is up-to-date.
  2. Unlock your domain name.
  3. Obtain the EPP/Auth code for it by email.
  4. After ordering your transfer, verify the transfer approval by email.
  5. Once you have your EPP/Auth code, and have unlocked your domain, order a transfer

Poor Domain Name buying habits

Took less than 1 hour to decide on a domain name 41%
Business owners who sought no second opinion before making a decision 61%
Business who believe their revenue would improve as a result of having a better domain name. 33%
Businesses who believe that their domain name has no impact on their revenue 66%
Businesses who had concerns about the effectiveness of their domain name. 25%

Take your time. Sleep on it.

This survey of British businesses revealed that the average business spends only between 6-12 hours choosing its main domain.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Domain Names

Am I entering a contract?

No, you are are under no obligation to renew a domain name in future. Think of registering a domain name like a pre-pay rental of a name. A domain name is your’s for as long as you want to keep renting it for.

Can I get a refund on a domain name?

No. Unfortunately all domain name purchase’s are customised items and as such are non-refundable.

Can I manage my own custom DNS records?

Yes, absolutely. If you have a web hosting plan with us, you can do this directly through your cpanel control panel. Alternatively, you can set your name servers back to registrar level and manage all your DNS records at registrar level yourself, all through your client area on our website.

How long can my domain name be?

Your domain name must be between 3 and 63 characters long only. You can use letters, numbers and hyphens.

Is there a maximum registration period?

Yes, its now 10 years for any new domain name and up to 9 years renewal on existing domains with less than 12 months remaining on them.

What characters can I use in my name?

When selecting a name, you are only allowed to use numbers, letters and the hyphen “-”. No other characters may be used at all.