Branding and Design have rules!

Your Branding and Design must meet some very basic criteria.


Your branding must be understandable!

If your Branding and Design confuse people, they will not engage with it or you!


Your branding must be consistent!

The brand’s identity, message, colours, quality and values must be the same.

Look Great

Your branding has to look professional

Your brand’s investment in quality and time will reflect directly on your clientele.

A brand is more than just a logo! Because it’s is everything you stand for. Furthermore, it’s your beliefs, values business ethics and community spirit which are all part of your brand story.

Brand Colours say it all

Your brand’s key colours are critical to your story and what your company represents!

Blue - Dependable

Both exuding feelings of serenity and dependability, blue has become a favourite colour for brands. Often associated with corporate companies, a shade of blue can bring an air of stability to your brand.

Green - Healthy

Often found in nature, logos that use green will help a consumer associate that brand with organic, from-the-earth ingredients. This makes it a great choice for food brands wanting to establish themselves as a healthier consumer choice.

Pink - Femininity

Often associated with women, the colour pink in branding can be playful and romantic. It is great for products or services aimed at women, but the use of a hot pink also has an energetic vibe that can work well with a number of industries.

Red - Passion

Whether it produces feelings of passion or danger, the colour red is definitely going to get your heart beating faster. For this reason, it is often used in fast food or retail stores during a sale.

Yellow - Positivity

Yellow is the colour of happiness and is known to inspire original thought because it resonates with the left side of our brain- the side used for logic. It can also help you stand out amongst competitors on retailer shelves.

Consumers want brands to be honest. So it’s not surprising that consumers expect the companies they buy from to be authentic in the way they present themselves and carry out their business.

Deciding Factors in supporting brands

Authenticity 88%