Website Design that works

Website design needs to be simple and easy to navigate.


Your branding must be understandable!

If your Branding and Design confuse people, they will not engage with it or you!


Your branding must be consistent!

The brand’s identity, message, colours, quality and values must be the same.

Look Great

Your branding has to look professional

Your brand’s investment in quality and time will reflect directly on your clientele.

Website maintenance and design made simple!

WESH UK is a not only a leading UK Web hosting company but also offers website maintenance and website design & management services.

Building a website is one thing, making it great is another. If you want long lasting results read on…

Over the years our large client base and development knowledge has taught us that an effective website needs to:

  1. Look Great

  2. Be Simple to Navigate

  3. Convey Your Message

  4. Provide Value for Money

  5. Integrate Social Media

After discussing your needs, we will develop with you a website which will include a branded website theme, home page, blog, menus, & contact page. Instructions on how to use the system are also included as part of this package.

Our website frameworks conform to the latest web standards; they are affordable, search engine friendly and function perfectly on smart phones and tablets.

The finished site provides you with a visually engaging website that won’t break the bank yet captivates your users and builds your brand…. All you need to do is add the content, a perfect solution!

Website maintenance experts here to help.

High level web support is crucial! Our website management package is very popular and well received.

This package can be added to sites we have designed for you or a current site you own.

Technology changes on a daily basis, sites need ongoing adjustments in order to perform at their best. For a small monthly investment let us do this technical work for you.

Our clients prefer to know that their site is always taken care of. This enables them to do work that they’re good at, rather than spending hours trying to change information on a page.

Letting us support you and manage your site is key to your success. You will get results that will last, attract prospects, increase sales and promote your business.

Examples of what we do:

  • Create new pages on your website
  • Content amendments to existing web pages
  • Creating accounts for new members of staff
  • Updating websites
  • Optimising data bases
  • Adding newsletter capture forms
  • Updating and installing new software
  • Surveying your site for old ineffective code
  • Keeping your site safe and secure

We deal with all support requests quickly and efficiently, keeping your site working hard for you. When help and support is needed we are there to assist!

Our clients trust and rely on us.