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Wordpress Web Hosting - Host your wordpress website at WESH UK

Don’t be fooled by the claims that “WordPress Web Hosting” is a speciality. Because WordPress is a PHP and Database driven application, it works in the same way as almost every content management system out there.

Your WordPress Web Hosting provider either has fast, robust servers on an uncrowded fast network, or they don’t.

Our servers work seamlessly with WordPress and other PHP / Database driven systems making us a favourite among designers/developers for UK WordPress hosting.

Migrate your WordPress hosting to WESH UK.

WordPress Website Hosted elsewhere? We can move your site to WESH UK FAST!

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) favoured by millions. Originally developed as blogging software, it is now the most commonly used web application for self-built websites across the internet. Because a WordPress installation requires no technical knowledge at all; it’s exceptionally easy. With just the click of a button your site can be up and running in minutes.

WordPress was designed to be very flexible and has a vast number of customisable features and attributes – including: custom designed themes available for download, a huge array of plugins to faciliate everything from search engine optimisation to adding Facebook or Twitter feeds to your WordPress blog.

Why host your WordPress site with us?

Fast WordPress Hosting Servers.

Our performance optimised and specially configured UK servers to provide the quickest possible performance for any website, including your WordPress hosting.

Free WordPress experts.

Running your WordPress website should not be stressful! Our Web Hosting support goes above and beyond just the web hosting. We’ve truly “Got your back” as they say.

WordPress support you can count on.

At WESH UK You can get WordPress support via telephone, ticket system, and remote desktop or for total peace of mind, order our optional WordPress Management service.

Multi-Site hosting plans for Webmasters

Running more than 1 WordPress website? Our Multi-site hosting plan is perfect for you. Often referred to as Reseller Hosting, it starts from just £2/month per website.

Secure WordPress Hosting Servers.

Our uncrowded, locked down PCI compliant UK servers provide the most secure environment for your WordPress hosting. Your website is isolated from its neighbours.

WordPress auto-installer.

All of our Web Hosting plans come with Softaculous, which you can use to install WordPress in a few clicks. No setup knowledge required.

30 Day money back gaurantee.

If you are not happy with your WordPress web hosting or our WordPress services, and have given us a chance to resolve any issues, we will give you your money back.

Easy Upgrade paths and Dedicated Servers

Huge Websites or those requiring immense resources are easily catered for with our selections of UK Dedicated servers. They’re up and running within 24hours.

A Simple WordPress Hosting Transfer process

Choose the right amount of shared web hosting.

Step one of migrating your WordPress hosting to WESH UK is to get a web hosting plan setup to migrate your WordPress website into. The majority of WordPress websites are using 1 to 4 slices of shared hosting.

If you are not sure how much you need, ask us to take a look at your existing WordPress hosting and we can let you know immediately how many slices you need.

Total time to achieve Step 1 of your WordPress Migration: A few minutes…

Transferring the live WordPress website

If you already use cPanel for your WordPress hosting, we can transfer your website for you in minutes. Furthermore, this will also retain all of your cPanel statistics, mailboxes and settings. Because this requires server access, simply raise a support ticket via our helpdesk providing your current cPanel username and password and we will do the rest.

If your website is not using cPanel hosting, and uses some custom-made control panel, then we will need to migrate your website across manually for you. Because we like to avoid headaches, we’ll set up a fresh WordPress install for you on our servers and import your WordPress Website for you.

You do not need to do anything at this stage.

Updating your DNS records

The final step is to repoint your domain names to our network so that your website now loads from the new cPanel hosting account. Because this part can go horribly wrong, we can do this for you.

If you provide us with the login details for your domain name registrar or transfer the domain(s) to us to manage, we will update the DNS records for you at just the right time, ensuring zero downtime, and a rapid, almost instant switchover of your website.

Updating your name servers then waiting 24hrs just doesn’t cut it. This is what the amateurs tell you to do. This is not how we do it. Once again, you do not need to do anything at all at this stage either. We’ve got your back.