At WESH UK, all of our web hosting services are in the UK. Hemel Hempstead to be exact.

Our web hosting is on the oputskirts of London with all the advantages and the same benefits of hosting in Central London, without the extra cost.

Our primary hosting facility is Centro, built with highly energy efficient design principles in mind, with enclosed hot-aisle containment, economic chilled-water cooling, and <strong>powered by electrictity generated entirely from renewable sources

State-of-the-Art Security

Centro was designed with industry-leading physical security in mind from the start, with iris scanners, 3m security fences, blast proofed windows, computer controlled motion detection, and much more, to ensure that the computer systems and data within are completely secure.

  • State-of-the-Art Security – iris scanners

  • 24×7 On-Site Human Security Presence.

  • Awarded the flagship ‘Secured by Design’ award by the UK Police

  • 3m perimiter fence with rota spikes, anti-ram raid barriers, blast proof windows

  • steel security doors, computer controlled motion detection, flood-lighting and much more.

Continuous operation is assured with diverse utility power supplies, UPS secured power, climate control and diesel backup generators featuring live fuel replenishment and critical services fuel supply contracts.

UK Web Hosting DataCentre Features

  • 2N diverse UPS systems.

  • Hot-aisle containment with direct air return.

  • High efficiency evaporative chiller infrastructure.

  • 2N diesel stand-by generators with continuous fuel arrangement.

  • Dual dedicated 11,000V (HV) connections, with 100% renewable energy power supply.

  • Additional ‘Free Cooling’ chillers to utilise outside air to cool the datacentre whenever possible.

  • Power usage Effectiveness (PuE) of 1.5 and rapidly falling.

  • Dual fibre entry through dedicated private ducts and 70gbps network capacity.

  • VESA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) and FM200 fire suppression systems.

Fibre enters the building through dedicated North and South private ducts into communications rooms on opposite ends of the building, and the 70gbps fully BGP network is routed by state-of-the-art Juniper MX routers.

VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) and FM200 fire suppression is installed throughout, and the building is manned by 24×7 on-site security.