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Having experienced 5 or 6 different web hosting companies, including big names such as Rackspace UK, I have to say I’m yet to come across a company with better customer service on an individual basis than WESH UK.

The managing director is very easy to reach directly; though I do have to say I’ve never felt like I’ve needed to do this.

Support tickets are attended to almost immediately and any server upgrades are well planned.

I’ve not a bad word to say about this company thus far, and the fact that I have two web hosting packages with them that I won’t hesitate to renew next year is a testament to that.

WESH UK Reviews
Edward YarnoldTwix Coding

I now have 3 sites hosted at WESH UK and I have to say I have never had better service.

The servers are not overloaded and the customer service is perfect, never had a problem with anything, especially how quick the domains are set up.

I defy anyone to find anywhere that does it quicker.

WESH UK Review
Glynn AlexanderWebsite Developer

Good company to deal with. Excellent communications.

WESH UK Reviews
NickyPhysio, Cumbria

WESH UK are an outstanding company, let alone an outstanding hosting provider! Speed, service and support are like nothing I’ve experienced before.

No overselling, just quality hosting at a very reasonable price.

As a result, my site speeds are blazing, my clients are happy, and so am I! Thank You WESH UK.

WESH UK Review
Alex SouthanTip Tap Design

Excellent company. I have been using hosting companies all around the world and finally came across WESH UK who are right on my doorstep. Support is second to none and the uptime on the server is brilliant.

WESH UK Review
DavidWebsite Developer

I have been a WESH UK customer for a couple of years now, and no other hosting company ever came close to the service they have given me.

I haven’t been the easiest of customers! (I have changed domain names, sites, and much more several times as I tried to find a web business that worked for me), and never have I had any complaints or objections to my chopping and changing.

The Helpdesk service is superb, helpful and absurdly fast. (No waiting days for a response here!) I have never had ANY downtime, other than for upgrades, which WESH UK notify you in advance, and then it was only minutes, and I didn’t know it had been done.

Nothing is too much trouble here, plenty of tutorials for newbies and bundles of free extras to get your site up and running and looking the part.

If you need a hosting service, I think you would be extremely hard-pressed to find a better service than WESH UK. 10/10

WESH UK Review
Chris BeardWebsite Owner