Premium UK Reseller Web Hosting

UK Reseller Web Hosting - Supporting you and your customers!

1 reseller slice you can multiply as much as you need. Simple!

  • Signup for Reseller web hosting10 cPanel accounts per reseller slice
  • 10GB of premium UK Reseller disk space.
  • 10GB of premium UK Reseller bandwidth.
  • Gauranteed maximum of 25% CPU core allowance per website.
  • Gauranteed maximum of 512mb memory allowance per website.

Over 450+ applications you can resell to your clients!

Reseller web hosting with Softaculous

  • Your clients can install applications in just a few clicks.
  • Your clients can also use softaculous to also keep them updated.
  • Your clients can demo the applications before even having to install them.
  • Use the apps to create amazing websites for your clients, fast.
  • Not sure what you are doing? We can show you via shared desktop.
  • More applications regularly being added to softaculous for your clients to use.

Awesome reseller email facilities with extreme simplicity.

Reseller web hosting with email

  • Give your clients unlimited email alias’s
  • Unlimited email filtering for your clients to block out incoming spam.
  • Unlimited internal email forwarding to distribute incoming emails.
  • Give your clients POP3/SMTP and IMAP access to every mailbox and free web mail.
  • Provide your clients free Antivirus & antispam  for every mailbox created.
  • Your clients mailboxes are blackberry / andriod / iPhone / iPad ready.
  • Comprehensive tutorials for your clients on how to setup their email and devices.

Typical features of our Reseller Web Hosting

  • iPad & iPhone WHM apps.
  • Full error logs, access & agent logs.
  • Your own custom error pages.
  • Seemless reseller upgrades!
  • Create unlimited
  • FTP for users directories.
  • Instant one click full backups.
  • Web based FTP & file manager.
  • Reseller Web Hosting - Multi Site Web hostingScheduled tasks (Cron jobs).
  • All servers allow mod_rewrite.
  • Full IP Address blocking facility.
  • Website backup & restore facility.
  • Webalizer, AWStats and Logaholic.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Create your own branded cPanel.
  • Free I.T support to keep you going.

Reseller web hosting security

  • Reseller web hosting with serious securityX-cart approved hosting.
  • All reseller servers are ecommerce ready.
  • Top rated shopping carts available for instant setup.
  • PCI Compliant servers – No need for a dedicated server!
  • Dedicated IP addresses available to purchase for SSL.
  • Free SSL certificate installs, and renewal re-installs.
  • 2048 bit SSL Key – CSR – CRT creator for SSL certificates.
  • Globalsign SSL Certificates available direct from WESH UK

Exceptional support for ResellersReseller web hosting with fantastic reseller hosting support.

  • Help with installing web applications.
  • Show you how to install and setup antivirus.
  • Exclusively for you, for almost any client I.T problems.
  • Out of hours contacts for Emergencies or website failiures.
  • 8am to Midnight, 7 days a week by telephone, tickets and remote desktop.
  • Free tuition of your reseller account and client area by shared desktop.
  • An additional free 1 Hour of I.T support by remote desktop, per slice, per month.

Reseller hosting with WESH UK

Reseller web hosting is perfect for web site designers or webmasters who own many websites and want to retain full control of each website. You can keep each website isolated from others, providing independent control panels for each hosted account, giving you or your customers the ownership they need of their web hosting.

All of our reseller hosting servers have RAID10 Storage for speed and redundancy with 64GB+ Memory.

All websites are hosted in our state-of-the-art UK data centre for faster speeds and better security. Our Reseller Hosting also gives you and your customers an advantage in UK search engines such as

Our Reseller Assurance Programme

Our Unique Reseller Assurance Programme

Taking on customers as a web designer and offering to manage their web hosting is a big risk as you’re introducing a single point of failiure between your customer and their web hosting.

The biggest risk to your customers would normally be YOU! But NOT with us…

We dont stop at supplying a multi-website hosting plan, that would just be too easy.. When we say “We’ve got your back”, we really mean it!

With our Reseller Assurance Program, you can be sure that we not only support you directly, just as any other reseller hosting company should, but we also support you indirectly, giving you peice of mind if you’re not able to support your own customers!

So, what exactly does all this mean?

Well, other reseller hosting companies will ONLY support you, and nobody else, we will support both you, and your customers should you be unable to.

Think of it like an insurance policy..

An assurance between you and us, protecting your customers from being left hung out to dry should anything happen to you.

1. No white label DNS:

White label or “annonymous” name servers would leave your customers without the most basic way of knowing who you are hosting their websites with, and no starting point should they ever need help if you become unavailable, so this is just 1 of many reasons why we refuse to use or provide annonymous name servers.

2. Supporting you and your customers:

Full billing, ownership and technical support should anything happen to you or if you are unavailable. Your customers can get in touch with us directly for help.

Frequently Asked Reseller Web hosting Questions

Am I entering a contract?

No, you are free to cancel your reseller web hosting at any time prior to its renewal. We would however obviously like to know in advance, as far as possible, as maybe there is something we could help with, such as features or software that you might need, and didn’t realise we could install in a few minutes for you.

Can I access advanced DNS in my cPanels

Yes, absolutely, so long as you enable it in the features list when creating your hosting plans, it will be available with each of your cPanels.

Can I use custom name servers?

Ideally, you would stick to using our clustered DNS name servers as this provides redundancy should your reseller server need replacing urgently, allowing us to bring a new server online immediately, or if we need to move your reseller plan to a different server, our DNS can manage everything allowing no downtime and instant switchovers. You can use your own custom name servers if you really want to, however you will need to set these up yourself and manage them yourself.