Community EngagementWESH UK - Christmas 2020 Update

The good, The Bad and the Ugly of 2020

We can’t wait to see the back of 2020!’ I think everyone agrees that 2020 was a tough year.

Thinking ahead to 2021, We’d like to reflect on a few awesome things we did manage to do in 2020! This includes some of the businesses we helped as well as some of the learning points from last year.

The Ugly of 2020:

It truly has been a challenge of resilience and solidarity for the entire world. Some embraced a more generous mindset and helped others in any way they could.

Others exhibited more selfish behaviour and stripped the supermarket shelves bare. They subsequently realised their greed and posted this on social media stating ‘Does anyone need supplies? I bought too much!

Sadly, a number of these cases were seen here in Croydon, as well as surrounding our other offices, in the South East. However, these were far outweighed by people helping the community.

Let’s hope that 2021 signals the beginning of the end for this pandemic.

The Bad of 2020:

Business Heroes live show

If you tuned into our YouTube channel on a Wednesday night, you may have seen that our business show got off to an amusing start! Lack of experience and inaccurate instructions ensured that things got worse before they got better.

Unfortunately, by the time the show was streamlined, amusing and very useful the audience had vanished. Due to the pandemic, everyone was livestreaming and the competition often won.

We gained a vast amount of valuable experience with livestreaming and show production. Nothing is ever a wasted exercise!

Domain Name Partnerships

Sadly our 15 year partnership with ENOM comes to an end as their support and costs just keep getting worse. We migrate to a better partnership with TUCOWS.

The good of 2020:

Community Spirit

We got to know far more about our own local community and the wonderful people in it in 9 months, than in the previous 5 years.

We helped many local small businesses to take their work online using MS teams, Zoom or Skype.  Some used their own websites directly and a few did all of them!

We helped several customers to source live-streaming equipment. We then taught them how to use it and get started with live-streaming.

Other customers needed to reduce and streamline their IT kit.  We helped them acheive this and work smarter.

New services

We have launched our “No limit” budget hosting service, available only by request at £10/month.

We also introduced self-service DIY SEO directly within your client area via MarketGoo” from just £6.99. (This is proving very popular)

Service Upgrades

We also completed the upgrade of every shared and reseller server to MySQL v5.7 without any hiccups, by November.

Whats to come in 2021

So far, we are planning to support at least 1 UK registered charity a month with free hosting for their website and email.

Keep an eye on our socials for more information and a chance to nominate your chosen lical charity!

We are also finalising better deals on domain names for our resellers.

We hope you enjoyed this brief summary of 2020, as we look forward into 2021.  We are here to support you so give us a shout if you need anything!