Premium UK Microsoft Exchange hosting

Microsoft Exchange Hosting completely in the UK. Its Massive, its spacious and its fast!

Anti-spam & Anti-virus

With every Microsoft Exchange hosting plan we provide anti-spam and anti-virus at no additional cost.

Attachments of up to 40mb

Send or receive attachments of up to 40mb total size and with a 125GB mailbox, theres no rush to delete them.

Delegate access

Delegate access to another exchange organisation member of your choice to deal with emails on your behalf.

Distribution groups

Microsoft exchange distribution groups to allow you to share mass mailings with specific groups of exchange users.

Email Aliases

For every Microsoft Exchange hosting mailbox you can have up to 10 aliases forwarding to it.

Exchange for mobiles

Mobile ‘Push & Sync’ for Android, Blackberry 10, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and remote mobile data wipe.

Instant “Push mail”

Instant push mail gets your incoming mail to your mobile device straight away. No waiting around for your mobile to sync.

Latest Microsoft Exchange

All Microsoft Exchange hosting servers are running the very latest Microsoft Exchange server software.

Mail enabled contacts

All of your exchange hosting contacts are email enabled in your exchange address book.

Migration service

Help to migrate your entire mail setup over to an exchange mailbox, including moving all of your messages.

Multiple UK Datacentres

We use 2 UK datacentres for our Microsoft Exchange Hosting, duplicating every mailbox 3 times between them.

No Setup fees

No charges for setting up your Microsoft Exchange hosting so you only pay for usage & are not tied into any contract.

Organisational address list

Have your own organisation address book for all of your UK exchange hosting users to access but is managed centrally.

Outlook anywhere access

Open Microsoft Outlook anywhere in the world and be logged straight into your exchange mailbox. No VPN Required.

Outlook web access

You can access your Microsoft Exchange hosting from anywhere using Outlook web access for free.

Room mailboxes

Exchange mailboxes designed for meeting rooms or fixed resources to allow you to schedule their usage automatically.

Shared calendars

Share your outlook calendars with other exchange organisational users for better collaboration.

Shared contacts

Share your Microsoft exchange contacts with other exchange users easily and simply.

Shared Tasks

Share your Microsoft Outlook tasks list with other exchange users for easier collaboration.

Triple mailbox redundancy

Every Microsoft exchange hosted mailbox is hosted on 3 exchange servers for redundancy.